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Boiler, Burner, & Gas Leak Detection Services from Cornwall, New York


You can count on Control Systems Services Inc. for the best in boiler and burner repair. We provide boiler tube repairs, welding repairs, R-stamp repairs, Alteration repairs, and refractory repairs, among other boiler room services.


We install all equipment within your boiler room. We have extensive experience in installation of the following equipment:  Burners, condensate pump and tank sets, oil pump sets, and new gas leak detection systems. Rely on us for all of your boiler plant mechanical installations.

Leak Detection

When it comes to gas leak detection systems, we have everything you need. Control Systems Services Inc. can perform all work associated with your gas leak detection system regardless of brand.  We can service and calibrate your system. 

Contact us in Cornwall, New York, to request a service for your boiler and burner needs. 
National Board Qualification Learn about Gas Detection Qualification Slip

About Us

Control Systems Services Inc. is based in Cornwall, New York, and offers boiler, burner, and gas leak detection system service for a variety of customers, including Universities, Hospitals, Schools, Sewage Treatment Plants, and apartment complexes. Since 1985, our company has offered customers the best service possible, at the lowest prices. We never take shortcuts, always get the job done, and employ individuals who take pride in what they do. The majority of our clients are repeat customers and have been with us for over 10 years.

Control Systems Services Inc. provides boiler plant repairs of all types such as;  boiler retubing, refractory work, National Board R-stamp repairs, National Board Alteration repairs, pipe and tank installations, burner service, and combustion controls. In addition, we perform burner installations, gas detection system installation and calibration, tank gage monitor installation and repair, and various other control system installations, troubleshooting, and repairs. We currently have over 20 employees with expertise in the installation and repairs of all boiler plant equipment. Owner, Robert Smith, has an extensive background in electrical and mechanical engineering. He spent 12 years in the Naval Nuclear Power Program, and has attended numerous schools in control programming, electronics, and related areas.
Control Systems Services Inc. has performed installations of new burners on old boilers, refractory and retubing of boilers, installation of tanks and pump systems, new boiler/burner installation startups, and installation of gas detection systems and tank gage monitors. Furthermore, we provide installation and programming of VFD’s, installation of DEP-approved stack opacity monitoring systems, and complete upgrades of burner control schemes, from wiring to programming. Learn more about gas detection to find out why our services are right for you.

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